Claim Filing Procedures

Texas Blue Line Moving, Inc.
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Richardson, TX 75081
Fax 972.241.8389

All claims for damaged items must be filed in writing, within the statute of limitations prescribed in your bill of lading. We will need these documents to process your claim:

The claim form filled out with all required information.

The damage claim sheet filled out with all required information.

A copy of your move contract/uniform household goods bill of lading (delivery copy).

Photographs of the damaged items- these do not have to be professional quality, but the item must be discernible and the extent of the damages apparent.

A moving company should be chosen with as much care as you used when you selected your home and furniture. Texas Blue Line Moving features every type of packing and moving service available that you will need to complete a successful move. We are a full service moving company that can handle every aspect of your move from start to finish. The most important thing to remember is that every employee of our company is dedicated to providing the best, most professional service in the industry. If you are not happy for any reason, we make it our goal to address your concerns and make sure you receive an appropriate resolution.

*** After receiving your written claim, the mover must contact you within 20 days to let you know he has received your claim. Additionally, the mover has 30 days from receipt of your claim to inspect damage of any of the boxes or containers used to move your shipment. Therefore, you should keep any damaged items and boxes involved in the claim until your mover has conducted an inspection. The mover must pay, deny or make a firm settlement offer on your claim within 90 days of receiving your claim. If you are not satisfied with the mover’s decision regarding your claim, you may consider seeking relief through TxDOT’s mediation program or a court of law.

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